Thursday, July 22, 2010


This was just to hilarious for me to wait until I have time for a full post.

In Australia they arent allowed to smile in their passport or drivers license photos. BIZZARRE!
No teeth are allowed to be shown in the picture. Yeah. Buncha Crazies.

Quick update on my life as an au pair. I have been potty training a two year old and got shat on yesterday. Yeah. Great. (more on this later) Other that that it has been cold here.

I have much more to share (like a wish list WINK WINK and I still need to do a dictionary of slang... probably tomorrow!!

Miss dad, rach, and strudel tagen... XOXOXO to all of Tejas!


  1. Yay! Australia! I love reading your blog it makes me feel like I am there too! Hey we can't smile in our passport pics... I got one a few years ago and they made me retake the picture because I kept smiling... so now I look like a terrorist in my passport! booo

  2. I'm smiling in mine... But it's an awkward smile lol. I'm so glad you're reading it. I love you!