Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello Friends and Fam

Hey friends and family!! I am happy and safe at my new home. It was a crazy way getting here but I made it. It is ridiculously cold, about 7 celsius... or 44 farenheit. I adore the two girls I am looking after. I don't officially start until Monday, until then I am settling in.

I have all sorts of adventures to look forward to. We are going skiing in a month or so in the Blue Mountains of Australia... yeah I didn't even realize there were mountains here.

I have some pictures to upload, but I managed to break my camera on my way here... typical. Next week i will be getting my Aussie number which has unlimited international texting. YAY!

There is a fifteen hour time difference, so I am in the future compared to everyone in Texas. Its kind of exhuasting with the time change, but I am slowly adjusting. Luckily my watch has two faces so its easy for my to figure out the time in the homeland.

I miss my strudel tagen very much. I hope everyone gives her love everytime they see her!!

Just general fyi: Fosters is not Australian for beer.

More updates to come now that I have regualr access to internet! XOXO

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