Friday, July 23, 2010


Okie here goes my attempt at a dictionary.

1. How are you going? = how are you doing?- thus "go" often replaces the word "do"

2. Jumper= Sweatshirt/Sweater/Jacket used in a sentence... It's cold out, I think I need to put on my jumper

3. Thongs= flip flops, yes some people in usa say thongs but they know what flip flop means, here they don't

4. Cuddles= hugs (they call them hugs too, but usually is cuddles)

5. Knickers= underwear (its more commonly used than the word underwear)

6. Air Con= Air conditioning

7. Chocky= Chocolate

8. Hot Chocky= Hot chocolate

9. Lolli= lollipop

10. Baby Chino= frothy milk with cocoa sprinkled on top, often bought at the coffee shop (maybe we have them in america... but i don't have a kid to take of there so i dont know)

11. 4 wheel drive= generally suvs

12. Ute= utility vehicle. australia's piss poor excuse of a truck. or the australian el camino as i like to call it. (see attached picture)

13. Cross trainer= the elliptical machine at the gym

I think that's enough for now. I'll expand it as my trip continues.

So some updates. Its friggin expensive here. Things that would cost mere dollars in america cost tens of dollars. Everything except public transportation is expensive!! Food costs crazy amounts. I just bought a magazine for ten dollars. The other day I bought a book for eight dollars and then a hot chocolate cost me 8 off for milk and chocolate?

So here is a problem I have been facing. No Australian bank account... ugh. Problem finally solved today! I got my card in the mail so I can begin acting a little more regular in my purchases and not as spastic when I get to the checkout.

Which brings me to my next point... so in the US they usually say credit or debit at check out? here you have cheque (spelt that way), savings, and credit... then after you select that you have pin or signature. So tip for travelling do credit and then signature. pin won't work. trust me. I have had many frustrating experiences,becuase everyone wants you to use the pin.

Tomorrow I have an adventure up to Sydney planned. So you will all get to see lovely pictures hopefully... even though I broke my camera (I have my trusty iPhone) I'm boarding the train at 9:30am my time. Maybe while I'm wandering around Sydney I can find some free wifi to call the fam!! I have finally skyped with all of my family now. Dad, remember speakers on :)

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  1. That means more traveling and less eating (maybe American should try that approach to cut down on obesity).... I will send you books so you don't have to buy those. And maybe if you go next weekend and don't miss the early train, you will get to the bank before it closes. Or is it even open at all on Saturdays? Miss and Love you!!