Wednesday, November 21, 2012

25 Days of Christmas!- the mother of all pinterests!!

Okay so we all see cutesy stuff on pinterest and think, "awe cute. I'll do that one day" then 545,789,900 pins later you forget.

This was sort of like that, but then it happened! I saw a few things to do around Christmas for your partner and kids, alternatives to advent calendars, adorbs candy creations. And then WABAMM! I was inspired and it had to happen.

I combined advent with gift giving. They don't do stockings here, so I channeled stockage stuffers as part of my inspiration. (FYI- I still fully intend to have a stocking, even if I stuff it myself).

Now why do this? Go to the effort of 25 small presents for my boyfriend? Because I am that awesome. And it is the time of year for giving. And living in extremely secular Australia, I am trying to make the advent calendar relatable for my lovely Jono. Basically I am brainwashing, next year when I do this it will incorporate bible verses!

So I went to K Mart with some ideas: candy, socks, small toys, water bottle, etc.

I bought a bijillion things, and bought all the kids presents at once. I am sure you are wondering what on earth I got.

JONATHON, so help me if you are reading stop. Or you will be a grinch and ruin Christmas.

See my list below:
1. Candy- Turkish delights
2. DVD- home alone
3. Shorts
4. Sock covers (funny story, these things go over farmer socks to keep pokey things from embedding in their socks. Jono asked me to make him new ones not 24 hours after I revealed my 25 days of Christmas. Thus being lazy, I let him open day 4. Now I have to replace it... I bought Hershey's kisses, but ate them... Oops)
5. Nerf Gun
6. M & Ms
7. DVD- Last of the Mohicans (okay that was totes for me!)
8. Q Tips ( I knew we needed more at the farm... A bit lame... But I wrote a note that said I love you my Q TI Pie... Even more lame?)
9. Candy- Picnic and time out chocolate bars
10. Portable iPod speaker
11. Candy- smarties
12. Ice cream scoop (another random one, but def a necessity)
13. Candy- whip chocolate bar
14. DVD- Cool Runnings ( oh yeah I went there!! And the note accompanying said ya jamaican me crazy mon! Hehehe I'm adorbs)
15. Ornament- I paint penned our names and the year on it
16. Boost chocolate bar
17. A giant box of mini packets of chips (random I know, but they make great tractor snacks!)
18. DVD- love actually (best Christmas movie ever)
19. Twirl candy bar
20. Socks
21. Gummy bears
22. Dart board (it was a steal at 5 dollahs!)
23. Curly wurly candy bar
24. DVD- Red Dog (great Australian movie about a dog, I love it, I cried the first time)
25. Giant Chocolate Bar

I know there is a lot of candy, but with every candy (actually with almost every one) I wrote a cute note. Example for #9: I know life's no picnic, so take time out to relax. Love you baby.
And other cute shiz.

Now you may be thinking- thatd cost a fortune and take forever. Nope not the case, less than $80, bought and wrapped in one evening!

I got uber cute with my wrapping. See below, I put the number for every day. And wrote the number in roman numerals, math problems, words, different languages, get creative!

I also included my turkey day menu... I will tell you all about tomorrow as I try to make a pumpkin pie from a real pumpkin!

Love y'all!! If you need ideas for 25 days of Christmas, let me know! You can even cheat and do the 12 days of christmas!


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