Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Overcoming a Black Thumb

I'm not a gardener. I have never claimed to be one. I actually gave up on my gardening ambitions after killing one too many plants during my childhood.

Until one day I decided I was going to make over our backyard at the farm. I have a before picture, but I am saving it until the after is perfect! So far it is looking really good, and nothing has died.

As Jono was helping me plant stuff, I commented he knew a lot about gardening. He looked at me a little dumbstruck, "you do realize I garden for a living." Oh yeah... Farmer... Oops.

Anyhow, most things I planted were under his tutelage. I went a bit rogue because I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted some spaghetti squash. I got online and ordered the seeds, you can't just buy spaghetti squash here. I would say a majority of people have never heard of it.

So we do have an actually vegetable garden that is not part of the backyard. However, it is still covered with winter veggies, mostly spinach and leeks. So I couldn't plant my spaghetti squash seeds there.

I knew if I asked Jonathon to water my seeds while I was in the city they could be overlooked. Solution: buy seedlings. So I bought tomatoes, jalepenos, strawberries, zucchinis, and chilies! I planted them secretly in the cover of darkness. Not really. But still I was covert, and then right by the jalepenos I planted my spaghetti squash seeds. See how I did that? I knew they'd get water!!

He did say it didn't make sense to have these veggies in our backyard, but agreed to water them. (This is becoming a really long post about something relatively pointless... Sorry!) So after a few weeks my little baby spaghetti squash plants have become to come up! My jalepenos ACTUALLY have lil baby peppers on them! (Sidenote- the jalepenos are turning black, like they have a sunburn, can I still eat them?) I have a strawberry! One that is actually red, the rest are ripening. The zucchini looks like it might be shooting, and finally the tomatoes are blossoming!

I never knew I could be so excited about growing my own fruit. Now just cross all of your fingers and toes that my spaghetti squash produces!

Love y'all!


PS Gardening tips are appreciated!

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