Friday, November 23, 2012

CBH Delivery- Dad this is for you!

Happy Saturday!

I'm cooking my Gianormous thanksgiving meal as we speak. Well sort of. As we speak I am sitting in the truck (think 18 wheeler with two trailers) with my trucker/farmer Jono acting as chief navigator (kidding I really just complain that I need to pee).

He is delivering grain to CBH, the people that store and transport grain to buyers.

This is how it works.

1. They weigh the truck and trailers full of grain

2. They sample each trailer of grain using this long automated vacuum sucking arm (that's a technical term).

3. The CBH samplers tell us the quality level and where on the grid to go.

4. Tori takes pictures and texts people about impending thanksgiving dinner because she can't get out of the truck because she's not wearing her work boots and a fluorescent vest.

5. Go to correct grid drop off load. Grids are determined by variety- Canoloa, Barley, Wheat, and then broken down by quality and specific variations within.

6. Re weigh truck and trailers empty.

7. Get a piece of paper with the farm number on it detailing how much grain was delivered.

Sidenote- The farm number keeps track of all grain delivered each season. Jono will then sell his grain through various programs based upon the amount he's delivered. Most goes to China or Russia. (this is where it gets complicated)

9. After CBH has received a full stack or the storage facilities are full of one variety it is loaded onto the train and taken to the port, it is then loaded on ships and sent to buyers.

So basically CBH is a co op that pools together all the grain. Though Jono sells his to China, it may not be his actual grain that goes, but it will be the same variety and quality.

So that is CBH. Cooperative Bulk Handling.

In other news. Thanksgiving is today, all I have left to do is cook the turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole! Will update with pictures tomorrow!

Love y'all


PS if you have questions about grain delivery I will relay them to my expert Jonathon.

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