Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hot! Hot! and a Demotion

Not a real demotion, one on the farm. So hold your horses!

Today I completed week 5 day 2 of my C25K. (for those keeping track, yes I'm behind) It nearly killed me. I need to learn to get my butt out of bed earlier, because temperatures were soaring, I got a massive tan in 30 minutes. It was only about 86, but darnit the sun has a bite here like no other!!

I did manage to run the whole time non stop, not fast, just steady. Plus my HR monitor said I was working above my max heart rate limit for the second half of the run. No wonder I felt a little faint!

Some other news. My thanksgiving splurges caused me to gain a kilo. Upon reflection, for 48 hours not once did I think "I'm hungry", only "gosh I am full"... Probably explains the weight gain. Now to explain to my personal trainer this afternoon... Scary. Kidding, she is great! But I am doing two a days to lose the weight :)

So I received a demotion on the farm. Not really sure why (maybe I overused the CB radio and talked a bit too much?). But instead of being the head escort, with yellow flashy lights... I just got to drive the fire ute with no air conditioning and no flashy lights. Sad.

I'm sure I will eventually work my way back up to escort, with the long fancy trailer! For now, I'll stick with sandwich making.

So I realized, I have showcased very little of my corporate life. I'm about to embark on a whirlwind business trip, so will keep you posted on it!

And this weekend is Jono's sisters wedding in Melbourne!! Woo hoo! And guess who doesn't have a plus one! That's right. This girl. I'm going alone to my own boyfriends sisters wedding. So I guess I'll just drink a lot?

Love you everyone!!!


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