Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Flies and Tuna

I managed to snap a picture of the flies sitting on my arm after my run. There aren't as many for the first 15 minutes, but once I start sweating (lovely) they swarm! They go for moisture- eyes, nose, mouth are favorites. Luckily my sunglasses cover half my face! It's a real challenge to not inhale any.

This was my first run in hotter weather. We are just getting into summer and temperatures are rising. 26C is only 80F but the sun was blazing hot overhead!

I like to post my heart rate monitor, because it is pretty much the most amazing and motivating electronic thing ever!! It beeps if I go too slow or fast, so I can stay in the fat burning zone. Plus, looking at a calorie burn of 411 after only 35 minutes is awesome and accurate. Love it. My only regret is I didn't get one sooner, and that I haven't utilized all of the features on it. Still you should get one!

I included my post run snack. Seaweed rice crackers and tuna with American mustard (yes I have to specify). Any other ideas for post work out snack?

I did have a teensy bit of knee pain during the first 10 minutes. So now I shall go foam roll, and cry and rejoice at the same time. It's a twisted system.

Until next time!

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