Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas List

Helloooooo World!

I am a huge procrastinator in some respects. Example: I was super organized and bought my entire family Christmas presents in November. But I didn't even get around to putting them in the mail, so I'm just going to fly them back to the US with me and have them be late presents.

Now Jono is also a huge procrastinator, dependent upon the situation. Here we are merely a week before Christmas, and I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that man does not have my present. Three reasons.

1. He has been either harvesting or cutting hay or baling hay since mid September. He hasn't left the farm unless it is to deliver grain or pick up a part for a broken machine.

2. No way did he buy me a Christmas present before September, because I sure as he'll didn't get a birthday present that month.

3. Let's be honest, what man does buy a present really early? Lucky lady if he's your man!

Am I upset? Eh. I was upset at my birthday 3 months ago, but he's going to make that up to me on our trip to America. But he is stressed and tired and hoping it doesn't rain and has a hundred things to do before we go to the US. So no I am not upset in the least.

Butttttttt. If I wake up on Christmas with nothing (thanks for that rest of the world) my heart might break a little. So I compile a list of things that can be ordered and gifted via iPad at any hour.

Hope everyone else is on top of their Christmas shopping!

Love you all!

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