Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Ramblings

Happy Sunday!!

This is a collection of events and random thoughts. Enjoy.

1. Who decides to be a gastroentomologist? I understand being a doctor, but one specialized in the process of poo? Someone please explain.

2. This weekend has been crazzzzzy. By that I mean lots of food has been eaten and wine consumed. It's left me TIRED! Last night we had a girls night and Christmas party. It was a blast!

3. I feel like my hair au naturale is way too intense for my profession. So I generally fix it with my straightened and wear that for 3-4 days. I use dry shampoo between workouts and it doesn't look gross.

4. I missed my big curly hair. So I washed it today and rubbed a bit of coconut oil through when it was wet and sprayed in some water, gel, salt concoction while wet. Below was the finished product. I'm digging it. Hello new summer hair.

5. I'm a big pale on my body. I have tan arms and legs from running outside, but I have some shocking tanlines. I am laying int the sunshine on my giant beanbags trying to remedy this. Mom, I'm wearing sunscreen.

6. Weight watcher magazine is my favorite! I don't do weight watchers and never will, but on the 12th of every month I get this magazine!! Jonos sister gave me a bunch of her old ones at the beginning of my weight loss mission, and I loved reading them for recipes and motivation.

7. I'm on a weightless mission, to seek and destroy all jiggly parts.

8. Water. How much water is too much? I drink 2-5 liters a day. Too much? Okay? Just wondering.

9. I hate laundry. Laundry has become so difficult since moving to Australia. It's no longer step 1. washer step 2. dryer step 3. think about folding but realize my clothes are wrinkled again so I'll just turn the dryer on again (repeat this step 3-4 times or until you've worn everything in the dryer) step 4. Finally fold. no no no. Here it is step 1. Wash step 2. Hang on line step 3. Take off line (or else your clothes will get holes where the clothes pins are) step 4. Fold. Steps 2 and 3 are hard. I don't like the taking off the line part. So I leave them out. It's just like an outdoor closet.

10. I lost 2 pounds this week, but may have eaten it back in the last 24 hours.

Love you all!


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