Friday, December 7, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away!

It has been raining here non stop! Which is really aggravating for two reasons.
1. I am ready for summer and sick of wearing black tights to work.
2. When it rains Jono can't harvest, and then has to wait an extra few days for the grain to get to an acceptable moisture temperature. I am ready for harvest to be over!!

Anyhow, we had sunshine and a heavy wind. So we went to see how the paddock was. I drove the fire ute, and then frolicked in the sunshine while Jono did other stuff.

Notice my sundress? Probably not farm appropriate, or safeworks approved. BUT! I have this theory I like to call the sundress theory. If you wear a sundress, the sun will come out for you! Not exactly foolproof or is there any hard evidence supporting it.

So everyone cross your fingers and toes and say your prayers that the rain stays away so that work can get done here! I'm ready to spend my weekends at the beach fishing!!

Love you all!


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