Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tori's Twelve Tuesday: things I suck at

Happy Tuesday! I will be doing a regular Tuesday Posting titled Tori's Twelve Tuesday. It will obviously highlight me and have a different feature theme for the week.

This week is things I suck at! I know you probably all think I am amazing and can do anything. Not the case, but thanks for the flattery!!

1. Laundry. Just can't do it. If I'm wearing clothes that are clean then laundry clearly isn't a pressing priority. I like to procrastinate when to do my laundry and procrastinate the actual laundry process.

2. Cleaning. I respect those of you with spotless homes. I try. I do. It's just maintaining two homes at optimal cleanliness is not realistic. I would totally do a 30day clean home challenge, but split between two places it would only be a 50% success.

3. Doing dishes. According to Jono, I am not even skilled at loading the dishwasher. This I believe is not true, his ENTIRE family has a "method" for the dishwasher, I have the Tori way... It's not up to the method standard.

4. Handwriting. I was ambidextrous until 4th grade then had to choose a hand. My evil fourth grade teacher Mrs. Z (I'll elaborate in the future on her evil ways and how i am scarred for life) made me choose right. I believe she was wrong, because my handwriting SUCKS.

5. Shaving my legs. I have blonde leg hair so you can't really see it until the sun hits it at the perfect angle, then you can REALLY see all the places I missed. How is it that I miss the exact same spot repeatedly?

6. Driving on the wrong side of the road. Okay I wouldn't put this at a suck factor of 10 out of 10, but it is hard... And my judgement is off for the left side of the car. Thus my third flat tire I got yesterday. Oops.

7. Drinking milk before it expires. This has become a recent sucky development. I think it is due in part to the fact it is not the organic hormone free skim milk that I grew up on. I don't actually want to drink it, probably why I suck at drinking it!!

8. Planning. Okay I don't exactly suck at planning, but I don't like it. Also, I think planning has it's place. For me it is in my work world. I want my personal life to be as unplanned and free flowing as possible. Thus I purposely suck at planning, it keeps me balanced.

9. Hanging up clothes. This probably ties into Laundry, but nothing bothers me more than all the clothes at the bottom of the closet from falling off the hangers when I suckily hung them!

10. Running. Okay I suck at it. Big time. I am actively working on this. I realized my breathing really affects my running and I need to focus on it. Also, I run with my feet pointed out a bit causing strain in areas that should be relaxed. Any of you that have seen me run know I flail. My trainer and I are working on running techniques to improve.

11. Blogging. Maybe not blogging, but blog design. I might get a blog makeover for my Christmas present this year!

12. Making rice. I burn it. Every time. Give me a souffle over rice any day.

Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to suggest themes for coming weeks!

Love you all!


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