Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Holidaze Part 1

Hi Y'all!

I am back! I haven't really been missing, just in the Internet space. I got super busy juggling work as it wrapped up the year.

So I'll begin at the beginning. There I was intending so spend a lovely day frolicking around my sprinklers. After all, with temperatures over 100 and cabin fever, that is what you do. Then Jono requested some help on the farm, haul a trailed from point A to point B and act as an escort- use the CB radio (40 channel) to notify oncoming traffic of an oversized load.

This is fairly standard on the weekends during harvest, they move machinery faster with 3 people. Then I realized... Hey I'm not driving to our farm, we're pretty much done with harvest... Hmmm how am I gonna get home... There's not enough cars for me to take one.

We arrived at our destination. And WAAA BAM. Jono says I'm driving the harvester. WHAT? ALONE? My life insurance won't even cover the value of that machine if I break something and then Jono decides to kill me. (he never would).

And so began me breaking the ranks and playing with the big boys. I drove that mo fo green John Deere for hours and hours. Not auto steer guided by GPS, but really steering the 36 foot wide monstrosity.

I felt like a BOSS. Still do. And holy awesomeness, I managed not to break anything.

I ended up driving before and after work, made for some long hours. So the night of Christmas Eve was on this beast. However, it was all in the spirit of Christmas. My loving boyfriend graciously offered to deliver the grain and help harvest the crops of our neighbors, so they would finish before Christmas. Isn't he amazing?

I also decided to run a trifecta of 5ks leading up to Christmas. Two at a hundred degrees, and one in the dark. Fighting the Christmas food baby.

How was your Christmas Eve?

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 tomorrow! (I am in a hurry it's 2013, we've got new shiz to talk about)

Love you all!

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