Sunday, January 20, 2013

Out with the old...

So it's not quite springtime... I missed the spring cleaning by a country mile. But it is time for some wardrobe summer cleaning?

I have a lot of clothes that I need to throw out for a variety of reasons.

1. I'm not 21 and throwing caution to the wind and wearing scraps of clothing
2. I have had a major lifestyle change since leaving Texas. My nice clothes are no longer fit for clubs but for the office.
3. My workout clothes are getting a bit raggedy.
4. My summer dresses are not farm appropriate.
5. I bought a bunch of not cute fat clothes. After losing 40 pounds, I deserve some seriously cute clothes.

So I am starting to throw my old clothes out to donate to charity. Any clothes that are too raggedy... Go to the workshop and become rags!

Jono managed to rip 8 pairs of work jeans this winter. He's already put holes in 4 pairs of shorts. I'm setting some aside that I can realistically repair on my new sewing machine! But he also has several clothes from when he was younger that just take up closet space, I might start culling those as well.

So what does this mean? SHOPPING! We depart for Texas in 10 days. Heck yes buddy. So where should we shop? What's hot and what's not?

My favorites were: Neiman's, Nordstroms, Express, American Eagle, Victorias Secret, and Forever 21.

What are yours? I'll make a list tomorrow of all the things I want to buy!

Love y'all!

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