Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Secrets Revealed! (kinda like the masked magician but not as cool)

I hope you weren't thinking this was going to be deep. I really meant random things about my life that no one is around to observe.

1. On the 12th of every month I get super excited because it is magazine buying day. I normally would buy a bottle of wine and read them cover to cover... But buying fitness magazines and boozing is a bit ironic. So no booze!

2. I read Weight Watchers magazine habitually. I have done so for the past year. Do I do WW? Nope. Do I count points? Nope. Do I use the recipes? Nope. Why buy it? I think because it is the only fitness magazine where they gear it towards women on a weightless journey. They don't assume every reader is super fit and could hold a plank for five minutes.

3. I love spicy food. Okay not a secret. But serious obsession. I have nearly finished off an entire bottle of rooster siracha sauce in a couple of months. Paraphrasing Rhianna "My mouth is on FIRRRRRRRRREEEEE!" should be the theme song to my life.

4. I love watching cheesy, age/subject inappropriate, pre teen movies. LOVE. Old school Mary Kate and Ashley movies= Heaven. Thus I sit on the couch currently and watch The Last Song. BTW. I miss the old Miley.

5. My nail polish always chips on my nails after about 4 hours. Always. So annoying. So annoying!! No matter what, I can't prevent it.

6. If I am going to binge eat something, it is most likely pretzels. I have heard you need to face your fears in order to confront a problem. So I eat individual portions of pretzels almost every day :)

7. Ben and Jerrys Chocolate Fudge Brownie frozen yogurt is my favorite. This is probably not a secret, considering I wrote an entire post dedicated to these two men.

8. I am picky about my Q Tips. There are dodgy ones here. I'm stocking up on good ole Johnson and Johnson when I head stateside.

9. I like to take pictures of myself doing random things and send them to Jono. He never responds. He hates texts. Does this stop me? Ha! No.

10. I'd rather hire someone to clean my house than do it myself. Hands down.

So those are my secrets... Maybe I should have called this fun facts about me.

Love you all!


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