Sunday, January 6, 2013

Holidaze Part 2

Due to my total incompetency, I wrote a post (amazing) and it was deleted. So here is my Christmas recap in a jiffy!

Jono and I had a sleep in on Christmas morning. I had been driving the header ALL BY MYSELF, so I was pretty tired! Jono went straight to the tree and said we had to open presents before breakfast. I got a soda stream from Jono, cause he's a doll and wanted me to have something to open. Santa (ahem myself) brought me candles and soaps!

Our stockings were a riot! I had them stuffed with socks, booze, candy, lottery tickets and best of all... Reindeer antlers! We immediately put them on and cooked a bacon and egg breakfast with Christmas carols blasting!

Before our festivities continued, we had to move some sheep. Antlers on, carols blasting, windows down, 90 degrees and rising... We had so much fun!

After farm work we got dressed to go to our neighbors for lunch. I was supposed to make rolls and a pie, but I was driving the header the night before so wasn't able to make rolls. I did whip up a pie, banana blue berry, yum! It's the easiest pie ever and takes 5 minutes start to finish!

Now I must say, we were in the Christmas spirit of giving, this was the reason we were not with Jonos family. Our neighbors needed a hand to finish harvest. Jono the kind man he is, shifted all his equipment to their farm and got straight into it.

We had our Christmas lunch and it was heavenly! Hot ham and cold salads! Yum!

After lunch we went to the dam for a swim. It was well over 110, so we needed some refreshing cold mud! Ha! It was nice, but swimming trough mud and crawfish is not exactly desirable. I managed, but not happily!

The next day was boxing day, and we did a repeat of the dam swim! I was much happier because Jono got me floaties!

All in all it was the most Australian, most relaxing couple of days. I really enjoyed it.

Love you all! New Year recap tomorrow!


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