Thursday, January 17, 2013

Summer, Recovery, Garden


I am sick. Like USA flu sick. I am currently huddling under a blanket FREEZING. It's probably 77 degrees around me. We have had a lovely cool night after the scorching 110 degree days we've been having.

There were two inches of rain at the beginning of the week. So you'd think it's almost winter! No. Seasons are just screwed up. I'm feeling guilty for being sick and not exercising. I really miss it!!

I am sure y'all want an update on my garden I posted about ever so long ago?! Well I have jalepenos cranking, probably get two a week. My Thai chilies have just started producing. My tomatoes have SO many green tomatoes... But they sort of got zapped by the heat and the plants dying. I took maybe 20 green tomatoes and made a ton of yummy chutney. If the plant doesn't make a recovery, I'm going to make even more chutney!! I feel very country when making chutney :) and the strawberries are dead. Really dead.

I have my little herb garden as well. The basil, thyme, and rosemary are going really well! My mint died. I don't know why :( maybe it just got sick of being made into mojitos.

Spaghetti squash! Drumroll please........ I have one fruit! Yay!!!!! However, after the rain it got cracked through the rind. I am really hoping it will recover. There are more flowers, but they all look like male flowers so won't produce :( I am no expert, but that's what I am thinking.

I do have one zuchinni, which they apparently turn into a little factory! Our spinach is still going crazy. I need to blanch and freeze it for winter. I have been throwing spinach in everything. Eggs, meatloaf, pasta sauce, hamburger patties, casseroles, soups... You name it!

I am still loving the summer. I really don't want it to end. I really hope Texas has an abnormally summery February! Because I don't want to miss a minute of sunshine... It's Texas so anything is possible!

Stay tuned. I'm going to write about my 17 day diet, and losing 5 pounds in one day. Ridiculous.

Love y'all!!


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